28-DCD Days 21 and 22

Day 21: Relationships

Coranil: He has only recently come to trust Ben Stormblade. He kept an eye on Ben when he first came to Whiterun and believed the young mage was not to be trusted, even if he was close companions with Rowan and Dolff. But over several months, Ben proved himself to be trustworthy. When Coranil was tortured by the Thalmor, Ben expended massive amounts of magicka and energy to heal him, and they spent a lot of time talking on the trip back to Whiterun. Coranil now considers Ben one of his closest friends and would lay down his life for him.

Kaaley: She absolutely loves Ulfric Stormcloak. She admires his strength and his intelligence, as well as the courage it took for him to change his beliefs about elves. She also thinks he’s just adorable.


Day 22: Dear Future Me (What does your character want to know?)

Coranil: To Coranil: Have you forgiven yourself yet?

Kaaley: Dear Kaaley: Is this thing with Coranil going to go anywhere, or am I just going to continue leaving chicken feathers on his counter for the next century? It’s a shallow question, I know, but I can be shallow like that. Love and kisses, Kaaley

2 thoughts on “28-DCD Days 21 and 22

  1. OMG, I love when the “Future Me” questions are not about serious topics. It seems that if you could have your questions about the future answered, such shallow topics might be safer than the more serious ones.


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