28-DCD Days 19 and 20

Day 19: What would someone have to do to become friends with your character?  To become enemies?

Coranil: As a merchant, Coranil tries to be friendly, but he doesn’t trust easily. There are only a handful of people he would actually call friends, and to become friends with him, someone would have to gain his trust over time. To become an enemy, they would have to harm or intend to harm him and/or those he cares about, including the High King. All Thalmor are enemies by default, of course, as is anyone still supporting the Empire in Skyrim.

Kaaley: Kaaley is of the same mind as Coranil about the Thalmor and the Empire. While she also doesn’t trust easily, she does make friends more easily and pretty much likes everyone instantly except for the aforementioned Thalmor and Altmer in general. Betrayal of her and her loved ones will make her an enemy, at which point she will delight in making their lives as miserable as possible.


Day 20: What happens in Riften, stays in Riften. (What actions has your character taken that he regrets or questions? Does he have any justification for them, and if so, what?)

Coranil: Um, ex-Thalmor. Nuff said.

Kaaley: The only real regret Kaaley has is the decision that killed Rilynn. They broke into the lab of an Altmer, who turned out to be a Thalmor mage. Kaaley hadn’t known, of course, but she’d had a bad feeling about it and went anyway, insisting that Rilynn come with her. They were captured, and the mage tortured and killed Rilynn in an experiment to see how a broken spiritual bond between mates would manifest itself if one of the mates wasn’t Bosmer. Kaaley gave him extensive, painful schooling on just how the surviving mate would react; but if course, it didn’t bring Rilynn back, and she blames herself for dragging him along on the job.

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