28-DCD Days 13 and 14

Day 13: Weaknesses, vices, and/or bad habits

Coranil: Occasionally, the “superiorly bred mer” rises to the surface and Coranil forgets the humility he has learned over the years. He has recently learned that apparently, he has a weakness for certain baby-faced females who bat their eyes at him.

Sweet RollKaaley: Kaaley is a kleptomaniac. She also doesn’t like authority, a notable exception being Ulfric Stormcloak. Her smart mouth has gotten her into trouble in the past, even with the High King. Her dietary habits are odd for a Bosmer, who are mostly carnivorous. She has a sweet tooth and loves nothing better in the world than a stale sweet roll.

Day 14: Relationships [with any NPC or other character of your choice]

Coranil: While Coranil is close to the High King, he has also developed a friendship with his son Dolff. That relationship has been strained lately because Dolff is now lovers with Rowan and tends to be jealous. Although he slips now and then, Coranil makes an effort to maintain boundaries with Rowan so as not to distress Dolff.

Kaaley: Although she doesn’t get back to the Guild very often, Kaaley tries to keep in touch as best she can with fellow wood elves Niruin and Syndus, and with Karliah.

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