28-DCD Challenge, Days 5 and 6

Day 5: Happiest Childhood Memory

Coranil: A picnic lunch with his mother on a breezy day in Alinor. She told him about Kynareth, whose name was rarely heard in Alinor, and read him stories as they ate fruits and cheeses, and she gave him his first sips of wine.

Kaaley: It was her first kiss. There was a boy in her village that she played with as a child. One day, when they were about ten years old, he brought her a bouquet of daisies and planted a kiss on her that stayed with her for a lifetime.

Day 6: Religion and/or Spirituality, specific beliefs and/or feelings about in general

Both had parents who were priests/priestesses of Kynareth (I didn’t engineer this originally; it just sort of wrote itself that way), even though the goddess wasn’t part of their cultures’ pantheons. This gave them a unique view of religion in general, not only from their own point of view but from their cultures’ point of view as well.

Coranil: After a particularly profound dream, Coranil became a devout worshiper of Talos. Until recently, he had a special amulet of Talos that he never took off. He was captured by the Thalmor and branded with the amulet before the torturer melted it down in the fire. Although he had an opportunity to have the burn healed, he chose to keep it so that he didn’t need to wear the amulet. He also has special affection for Kynareth, having grown up with his mother as a priestess.

Kaaley: Kaaley’s father was also a priest of Kynareth, and Kaaley grew up to follow the goddess as well. She does acknowledge the other Divines and believes in Talos as a god, but she puts most of her spiritual energy into her devotion to Kynareth—or Kyne, as she often calls her. She also acknowledges most of the Daedric Princes as a type of deity and actually wears an amulet of Azura, which belonged to her mate and is the only thing she has to remember him by.

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