28-DCD Challenge, Days Three and Four

Gonna be busy for the next couple of days, so here are Days 3 and 4.

Day 3: Marriage and Children, feelings about, aspirations toward, overall philosophy

Coranil: He has never married, mostly because his career impeded the development of such a relationship. He’s had lovers over the years, but he has never found anyone with whom he wanted to share his life. He has nothing against marriage, though, and believes that eventually he will find the right woman. Having grown up with a gentle mother and a cruel father, Coranil can see both sides of the parenting coin. He has vowed that if he ever has children, he will teach them to be gentle and loving like his mother, but strong and courageous so they can withstand and fight against those who might hurt them and their loved ones.

Kaaley: Although Bosmer normally don’t officially marry, the bond between mates is very strong. Kaaley had a mate in Cyrodiil, Rilynn, and although he was Dunmer, she experienced the spiritual bond nearly as much as if he had been of her own race. He was killed, and she never really got over it. However, after several decades she has moved on and has had other lovers. She doesn’t see herself ever marrying, but lately she has considered the possibility of mating again.

Day 4: Alternate Universe: Your Character as Hero, or Not
I hate this question, but I’ll answer it as best I can anyway.

Coranil: With a bit more of his mother’s influence, Coranil might have become a priest of Kynareth instead of a Thalmor justiciar. If that were the case, he likely never would have come to Skyrim, choosing instead to offer his support to those in need in warmer climates. Or he might be dead, pummeled to death after defying his father.

Kaaley: Had Rilynn not been killed, Kaaley would probably still be living in Cyrodiil, stealing everything in sight.

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