Birthday Art for Me

I’ve made lots of good friends in the fourteen or fifteen months since I started playing Skyrim, posting fanfiction, and creating my tarot cards. But I never imagined somebody would actually make fan art for me. Today is my birthday, and a couple of my friends on deviantART created artwork for me. I appreciate it so much and wanted to share.

This beautiful pic of Selene, Brynjolf, and baby Rowan is by Nikki, one of my best Skyrim buddies:

selene__brynjolf__and_rowan_by_nicky_nightmare-d6pkv2eI also received the following pic of my favorite thief from Norroen-Stjarna:


Last but not least, this one wasn’t a birthday present, but I wanted to include it anyway. This pic of Selene is from PallyGecko:

stormblade_by_pallygecko-d680awaBe sure to follow the links and check out these guys’ artwork and fanfiction on dA!

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