Thank God and Toyota. But mostly God.

I almost lost my baby yesterday. My 17-year-old rolled the car three times on the expressway and landed on the driver’s side in a ditch. But the seatbelt and the airbags did their job, and she walked away with only a few scratches.Nerves are frazzled, obviously (hers and mine), but we’re just so glad she’s safe. She says she’s never going to drive again, which is kind of hilarious, because she got a call from her uncle not two hours after the wreck to tell her he bought a new car and is giving her his. Tehee!

As for me, I’ve been having a crisis of faith lately, but I am 100% of the belief that this was a miracle.Crisis over. My religious views are still very open-minded, and I’m still not going to run out and join a church, but at least I believe now. This time yesterday, I really wasn’t so sure.

Thank you, God, for taking care of my little girl.

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