28DCD Challenge – Day Twenty-Seven

2/27/13 You can have a dinner party with anyone from the present game or in Tamriel’s history.  Who do you invite? Feel free also to include any gods from any pantheon. 

Selene is a Nord and a Companion. For her, a “dinner party” consists of carousing around a table crammed with meat, potatoes, and lots and lots of mead and wine. She would invite the Companions and the Guild, of course. Ben would definitely be there. She would also invite her dear friends Elisif the Fair and Falk Firebeard, as well as Belethor, Lydia, and Balimund. She most definitely would not invite Ulfric Stormcloak. Her husband and her ex in the same room with all that alcohol and all those fighters would be a very bad combination. Any gods from any pantheon, huh? I can see her sending out a polite invitation to Thor and any other Norse gods he might want to bring along with him. From Skyrim, she would invite Sanguine—it’s a party, right?—and also Nocturnal and Kynareth. She’d send the invite to Kynareth along with a request to bring strawberries.

4 thoughts on “28DCD Challenge – Day Twenty-Seven

  1. I want to attend this party. I understand wanting to keep the ex away, but really I’d pay good septims to hear a conversation between Ulfric and Thor.

    The problem I’m having with this prompt is that I keep confusing who Elspeth would invite to a party and who I would.


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