28DCD Challenge – Day Twenty-Five

2/25/13 Favorites (Food, plants, alchemy ingredients, weapons, types of armor, places to visit, etc.)

Selene loves venison and Black-Briar mead. She’s also particularly fond of strawberries, although in my headcanon, the only time she can get them is when Kynareth pays a visit. She knows a few alchemy recipes, but mostly she just loves the plants, and her favorite is nightshade. Lavender is her favorite scent, and when she’s not planning on sneaking, she uses scented soaps and oils that she got as a gift from Brynjolf. She uses the Nightingale bow and armor, both modified with the Enchantment Cleanser mod and enchanted to boost her Sneak, Light Armor, and Archery perks. Selene’s ears and nose are pierced, and she wears earrings and a nose ring that are enchanted to increase her sneaking ability. She may live in Riften, but she still thinks of Whiterun as home, and she visits as often as she can. She loves High Hrothgar, too, and though she doesn’t get up there as often as she likes anymore, she feels it’s a perfect place to get away, meditate, and just be.

4 thoughts on “28DCD Challenge – Day Twenty-Five

  1. I remember the strawberries from that chapter of yours. It reminded me of the fruit in Cyrodiil in Oblivion. I keep wanting to add something Elspeth says about missing fruits from Cyrodiil like strawberries, oranges, pears, etc. and that she would end the war by herself if it meant that more fruits could be imported from Cyrodiil.


  2. I like everything you wrote but one thing, Black-Briar Mead…really? REALLY? lol anyway I do so miss the fruits from oblivion. I need to look and see if maybe some one made a mod for that!


    • It’s not like she supports the Black-Briars. I don’t think you’ve read my work yet, but if you do, you’ll see what I mean! But to Selene, the flavor really is the best, especially since Honningbrew bit the dust.


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