28DCD Challenge – Days Nineteen and Twenty

Sorry I totally missed yesterday. It was not a good day. I spent the better part of the day in the E.R. with my mom. She’s got this weird thing going on with her heart, and it causes her to have weird fainting spells or episodes almost like a petite mal seizure. She’s still in the hospital, and they’re running tests today. Anyway, I didn’t even touch my computer yesterday, so I’m doing two today. Here goes.

2/19/2013: What would someone have to do to become friends with your character?  To become enemies?

There are very few people Selene trusts, but she pretty much likes everybody she meets, with a few notable exceptions (Delphine, Vex, Grelka, Haelga). A person is usually on her good side until they get on her bad side. All they would have to do to become her friend is offer a kind word. This friendliness is a new development. When she returned to Skyrim, she was cynical, angry, and pretty much figured everybody was out to get everybody else. After she became a Companion and started to understand what a family was, she began to see things differently. She is still cynical and believes the vast majority of people are out for their own interests, but she has learned to see good in people as well. To become an enemy, they would need to pose a threat or do harm to her or her loved ones.

2/20/2013: What happens in Riften, stays in Riften. (“What actions has your character taken that he regrets or questions? Does he have any justification for them, and if so, what?”)

Selene never knew much about necromancy until she became friends with Vilkas and he told her about the group of necromancers that had kidnapped him and Farkas when they were children. Hearing the stories about the things they did, not only in general but to him and Farkas in particular, formed a deep, abiding hatred within her. She ran across necromancers a few times when she was in beast form, and she lost control and fed. She normally feeds only on animals, believing that the rule is what separates her from the feral werewolves who live in the wild, unable to control their inner beasts. It didn’t matter how evil the necromancers were; feeding on them sank her down to their level and brought her closer to losing herself to her beast. During her time as a werewolf, she has learned to control those impulses and hasn’t slipped up in a long time. She loves her inner wolf and has no intention of taking the cure, but she does dread the thought that her beast might somehow take control and cause her to feed on humans again.

5 thoughts on “28DCD Challenge – Days Nineteen and Twenty

  1. Oh no! I hope they figure out how what’s going on with your mom. That’s terrifying.

    I like how these questions tie into Selene’s growth as a character. And I also like hearing about the role of the beast blood and how to reconcile/balance the human and the wolf. I love playing the Companions quest, but since I don’t write about it I never gave it much thought until reading some fictions about it. There is so much there to ponder.


    • One of my favorite things about Skyrim is that there is so much to spark the imagination. It lends itself so well to fanfiction because the vanilla characters have been so well planned and thought out. The characters have a lot of depth to start with, and they open themselves so well to interpretation. I’ve read half a dozen Companion/werewolf storyline fanfics, and aside from the basic framework, they’re all very different.


  2. Sorry to hear about you mom, I hope all goes well. I have to ask, most women hate Vex and Sapphire, and Sapphire I understand, but not Vex why do women hate her so much, inquiring minds wanna know lol. I think you did a good job shedding some light onto Selene’s character with both days. I love how she controls her wolf by not eating humanoids. It sounds like something I would do hehe.


    • One thing about Sapphire is after the first couple of interactions with her, she’s actually pretty nice. Vex is ALWAYS a bitch. The first thing she does is remind you she’s the best infiltrator the Guild has and you’re not about to replace her. And she makes it clear that she doesn’t want to talk about anything but business. Then when she’s giving you extra work, she’s always like, “Whatever, just get it done.” She doesn’t have a kind word for anybody. Personally I think she should say yes to Delvin. Maybe a good rogering would put her in a better mood.


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