28DCD Challenge – Day Eighteen

2/18/2013: TARDIS: What time period would your character have liked to have lived in, what events witnessed (for information go the Imperial Library, UESP)

Eh…yeah, I got nuthin’. Instead, here’s a nice screenshot of Farkas and a friend.

Farkas and Friend

3 thoughts on “28DCD Challenge – Day Eighteen

    • Yeah, it was a cop out, I know. Sorry ’bout that. The pic, though, was just really bizarre. We were walking through the Plains district, and I saw Ms. Cow propped up on the hay bale like that, just chewing her cud. I maneuvered around to get a good picture, and Farkas suddenly takes off running, goes all the way around the house, and moves in to stand next to her like that! It’s the best screenshot I’ve ever gotten! But sometimes I think the A.I. that is Farkas in my game is just a little bit insane…


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