28DCD Challenge – Day Seventeen

2/17/2013: What is your character’s spirit animal and family sigil and why?

Plaque 1Elspeth added family sigil to her prompt because she’s heavily into Game of Thrones. So am I, so I thought I would add it to mine, too. Selene’s parents were common folk and probably didn’t have a family sigil, so her sigil is very simple and obvious, really: it’s the Nightingales’ crest of a stylized nightingale with its wings in a circle around a full moon, all in black.

Before Selene became a werewolf, she might have said her spirit animal was the fox, but it’s the wolf, and it always has been. She’s a hunter, a fighter, and though she had trouble coming to terms with it, she’s a pack animal. She’s social, and she takes care of those in her family. And she’s protective. Woe be unto anybody who hurts her loved ones.

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