28DCD Challenge – Day Sixteen

WARNING: A Nightingale’s Tale Spoilers.

2/16/2013: Inheritance (what would your character do with a large inheritance)

If Selene inherited, say, a million septims, she would probably put it away for retirement. She’s already become pretty rich anyway, owning three houses and amassing quite a lot of wealth from adventuring and in her work with the Guild. At this time in her life, she’s young, she’s active, she’s adventuring, she’s stealing, and she has no interest in the easy life. She doesn’t even like having a housecarl to look after. She begged off Thanehood in Riften for that very reason, and she talked Elisif out of giving her a housecarl in Solitude. She never let Lydia be anything other than a friend, and she actually gifted Breezehome to her and Vilkas as a wedding present. But Selene knows that at some point she’s going to take the proverbial arrow to the knee, she’ll start to age, or she and Brynjolf will simply decide it’s time to retire and have children. A nice nest egg will come in handy at that point. Now that Maven Black-Briar has “committed suicide,” perhaps she and Brynjolf could purchase Black-Briar Lodge and make it their home. Or they might just build a new mansion somewhere in The Rift.

7 thoughts on “28DCD Challenge – Day Sixteen

  1. I think Selene should set up the Thieves Guild to be the Skyrim mafia, and she could be The Don. And when their kids get married, she would sit at her desk and grant favors.

    “As you know, I am obligated to grant one favor on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding. While you ask me for this one, and only, favor, I will sit here and enjoy this very fine snowberry crostada.”


    • LOL! It’s funny, because I actually sort of think of them that way. I can see them getting more and more of their coin through racketeering and maybe going into a partnership with the Dark Brotherhood to handle the more destructive side of the business.


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