28DCD Challenge – Day Fourteen

2/14/2013: Relationships – NPC(s) of your choice

Selene is tight friends with Karliah, having come through the trials of defeating Mercer Frey together and becoming fellow Nightingales. They really clicked when they first met, and she feels she can tell the Dunmer most anything. She is also close to Vipir, whom she knew when she lived at Honorhall Orphanage. Once when she was small, they snuck out and played in the Ratway together. Vipir taught her to pick pockets, and they emerged from Riften’s sewers with more than ten septims—quite a large amount of coin for eight- and ten-year-old orphans, they thought. The excursion earned them the beating of their lives, but they agreed it was worth it. The trip was also the event that gave Selene the idea of escaping the orphanage altogether, which she finally did a couple of years later.

4 thoughts on “28DCD Challenge – Day Fourteen

  1. I adore Karliah and am glad Selene is friends with her. After hearing about the adventure she and Vipir had as kids I am surprised no one approached them about joining the guild earlier. Which makes me think of Brynjolf as a child approaching them to join…


    • Selene escaped Honorhall when she was ten, basically went over the wall. In my headcanon, Bryn has ten years on Selene, eight on Vipir. I think Vipir actually mentions somewhere that Brynjolf recruited him, so yeah, I can definitely see him approaching Vipir when he was 13 or 14.


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