28DCD Challenge – Day Thirteen

2/13/2013: Weaknesses, vices, and/or bad habits

Selene adores foxes. She had one as a pet when she first came back to Skyrim, and she can’t stand to see one killed. Also, leeks make her throw up. Although she doesn’t like it, Ulfric Stormcloak is still a weakness for her. She’s happy with Brynjolf and would never do anything to hurt him, but Ulfric still makes her heart flutter when she first sees him and when he kisses her hand—which he insists on doing whenever he sees her. She also has trouble putting aside personal differences with people she works with. She can’t stand Vex or Delphine, and their tense relationship makes it hard to work together.

Cheese CollectionShe guesses theft is a vice, but one can’t really make a living as a thief without it, lol. She will admit that her worst vice is stealing cheese and leaving it at Heimskr’s feet in Whiterun. She believes she may have finally broken the bad habit of running away from adversity. With the home and the love she has found in Riften, she’s learning to face the bad with the good and has resolved never to run away again.

4 thoughts on “28DCD Challenge – Day Thirteen

  1. She is not leaving cheese for Heimskr she is leaving it for Talos, everyone knows Talos loved cheese. I would think her weakness for Ulfric would disappear every time he opened his mouth.


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