28DCD Challenge – Day Twelve

2/12/2013: Dear Past Me (Write a letter from character in the present to your character at some point in her/his past)

(This is to Selene just after Ben’s death)

Dear Selene:

I’m writing to let you know it gets better. Not for a while, mind you, but it does. You’re alone right now, and you’re thinking that being alone is better because it means you’ll never have to grieve another loss. But you’re wrong; loneliness is not better. In a couple of years, things are going to change in a big way. You’ll have to do a lot of growing up between now and then. I know you think you’re all grown up; but believe me, you’re going to need strength like you can’t imagine to deal with what’s coming. There’s so much more to you and your life than you can even imagine, and you’ll need to be ready. Starting now, learn all you can, grow, and practice. Blend into the shadows; disappear. Be ready to step out and fight, though. Fight like your life depends on it, because it will. Also, learn to be happy. It will suit you well later on.

My most important piece of advice is this: if you happen to come across a piece of armor or jewelry that offers fire protection, nab that sucker up and never let go of it.

Yours truly,

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