28DCD Challenge – Day Ten

2/10/2013: Coping Mechanisms (How does your character deal with the world when it’s shitty?)

Selene tends to run away when the world is shitty. It’s how she dealt with the abuse at Honorhall Orphanage, and since it seemed to work pretty well for her there, she falls back on it from time to time. She loves to say she is used to people disappointing her, but when they actually do disappoint her, it tears her up inside and all she can think of to do is run away. Vilkas slapped her; she left town. Ulfric mistreated a friend of hers; she dumped his sorry butt. She’s been ignoring her duties as Dragonborn for two years because she didn’t want to deal with Delphine.

Now, suddenly she’s well out of her comfort zone, making commitments left and right. She’s married and in charge of the Thieves Guild, and escaping really isn’t all that feasible anymore. And of course, that pesky Alduin isn’t just going to go away. When adversity strikes, she’s just going to have to learn to deal with it like the rest of the world does.

2 thoughts on “28DCD Challenge – Day Ten

  1. Its not running away it is separating yourself from a bad situation to examine and regroup and figure the best way to deal with and conquer said situation at a later date…yeah that’s the ticket


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