28DCD Challenge – Day Eight

2/8/2013: Sex and Romance (feelings in general, first time, other notable experiences, etc.)

Selene is pretty open minded and feels that whatever people want to do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business. She blackmailed Haelga on Svana’s request purely for the enjoyment of seeing her squirm, not because of any objection to her extracurricular activities. That being said, before coming to Skyrim, she had only ever slept with one man, a thief in Cyrodiil she’d had a brief relationship with after her brother Ben died. Although she doesn’t sleep around, it seems she’s had no end of action since returning to the province.

There were the twins, of course, and Selene thought she was in love with Ulfric. On some level she was, but she felt inferior to him in many ways. Ulfric was bigger than life, and although she is certain he would have married her and made her High Queen, such a position carries more weight than Selene was willing to bear. Sex with Ulfric, while satisfying, left something to be desired in that he was usually in charge. Selene is far from submissive, but when she made love with Ulfric she often felt like the heroine in a trashy romance novel, being swept off her feet and taken in a manly way by the dashing hero.

Then she met Brynjolf. He’s the love of her life, her best friend, her partner in every way, and when they’re in bed together, they’ve been known to wake the neighbors. Nuff said.

6 thoughts on “28DCD Challenge – Day Eight

  1. Again, more things to look forward to. As a writer, is it difficult for you to write sex scene? Did it get easier over time or do you still struggle? Or was it something that just came sort of naturally?


    • I have soooo much trouble writing sex scenes. I’m uncomfortable writing them to start with, and then I always think they sound cheesy or gross. I actually had a beta reader look at one of the scenes with Brynjolf. She didn’t change as much as I thought she would, so I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought. But no, it doesn’t get easier.


      • Erica pretty much coached me through the first scene with Onmund. My problem is that my writing is rather literal and after a while, sex starts to sound much like putting an ikea bookshelf together. I wrote some smut once for another skyrim story and I actually felt that was much easier–at least in terms of getting the words out. I wasn’t any more comfortable with it.

        I’ve decided that my stuff doesn’t count as smut. If you’ll notice, my characters seem to lack genitals.


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