28DCD Challenge – Day Seven

2/7/13: Relationships –NPC(s) of Your Choice


When she was spending all her time with the Companions, Selene became very close with Farkas and Vilkas. She had a steamy, sexual relationship with Farkas for several months after she became a werewolf. Vilkas was her best friend, and they confessed their deepest secrets and feelings to each other, sharing their anguish over their lost childhoods. That all changed when she became a werewolf, and he grew more distant. The tension reached its peak when Kodlak Whitemane was killed by the Silver Hand. Vilkas believed Selene was partially responsible for his death, and during a heated argument, he slapped her across the face. Although she had been hit by man before—she was a warrior, after all—the fact that it was Vilkas, and the fact that he knew an Imperial soldier who had once tried to rape her had struck her in the same manner, broke her heart. Weeks later, just as she was leaving town permanently, he begged her forgiveness, and caught up in the emotion of the moment, they ended up sleeping together. She left Whiterun anyway, but she parted with both of the brothers on good terms. Although she’ll never call them “brother” as she did before she slept with them, they are still among her closest and most cherished friends. She would do most anything for Farkas and Vilkas, and they would do the same for her.

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